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Did it really happen? amelia Island contest

Hey, do you think you can guess which events really happened and which ones are just made up? You do? Then you’ll want to enter this cool contest! Every person who correctly guesses at least 15 of the questions will win a new Bitsy Mystery bookmark and will get their names listed in Bitsy’s Hall of Fame!

You’ll see the events listed below. Just e-mail your answers by numbering 1 through 20 and put “Yes” if you think it really happened and “No” if you don’t think it really happened. Remember, it didn’t have to happen to me–I just might know someone that it happened to. The important thing is–did it happen in real life to somebody I know?

Don’t forget to ask your parents if it’s OK to enter. You should never send an e-mail to someone you don’t know–not even me–without asking your parents.

Oh, and please just enter this contest one time so everybody gets an equal chance, OK? Thanks! Here goes!

  1. Do you think a 12-year-old girl I know had a jewelry business?
  2. Did a kid I know have their hair turn an unusual color?
  3. Did I ever go to Amelia Island when I was a kid?
  4. Did nuns really take care of sick people during the outbreak of yellow fever on Amelia Island?
  5. Did they really move the nuns’ bodies to another cemetery?
  6. Is there a real place called The Pogy Plant?
  7. Do I know a talking cockatoo?
  8. Is there a real policeman named Mr. Ed?
  9. Is the twins’ house real?
  10. Did I really sing “I Enjoy Being a Girl” in a talent show?
  11. Are Garrett and Ellie real people I know?
  12. Did I know a Mr. Hawkins who gave away lemon drops?
  13. Did someone I know use mayonnaise and butter to get somebody’s head out of a porch railing?
  14. Is the Nuns’ House a real house?
  15. Is there really a ghost tour on Amelia Island?
  16. Have I ever seen a ghost?
  17. Did a kid I know really write a letter to the TV station?
  18. Did I win a talent show?
  19. Is there a real place called Shorty’s?
  20. Is Mr. Norman a real person?

Well, there they are–twenty things that may or may not have happened. Let me know what you think and, if you answer 15 of the questions correctly, you’ll win!

Send your answers to me through my Contact Page. Don’t forget to get your parent’s permission first!