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Solomon’s Beloved as you’ve never seen her before! Bet you’ll laugh!
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Diapers2Diapers excerpt
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Vonda Speaks to Christian Women
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Vonda as Mother in Ecclesiastes Film
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Seeing Through the Lies Book Trailer
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The Story of a Woman’s Life Testimonials
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Vonda Skelton One-Sheet



radio and TV interviews

Listen to The Christian Women View with WLGT Live Talk Radio on internet talk radio We Love GIRLTalk

8-24-11 His Love Extended

3-23-11 Your Morning H.U.G–Pride…the Unmasking!

2-19-11 Heritage of Truth video interview

12-23-10 Christian Devotions Speak-UP-Best of 2010

12-16-10 GotGAT Radio

10-26-10 Christian Devotions SpeakUP!

4-27-10 Hope for the Journey

2-4-10 Communicating with Power

1-28, 29, & 30, 2009 It’s a New Day, Canada

12-12-08 Along the Way, with Susie Larson

12-9-08 The CWAHM Network

3-27-08 BlogTalkRadio and The Christian Women View

2-8-08 WBCQ, with Dr. Alvin Jones,

2-6-08  WWJC, Northland Notebook with Ted Elm(12:35 to 32:55)













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