Interview & Book Give-Away with Crickett Keeth

Picture of CrickettIf you haven’t met Crickett Keeth, you’re missing a lot. She may be a tiny, little thing, but she is a powerful messenger for the Father! We met years ago when I was teaching at North Texas Christian Writers Conference and it has been a joy to get to know her better through her writing, speaking, and as Director of Women’s Ministries at First Evangelical Church in Memphis, TN.

I’m honored to share Crickett and her newest book with you. And in this season of gift-giving, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Her title? The Gift of Rest. Can I get an AMEN? I know you want and need a copy of this book, so be sure to leave a comment and you might win it next week! Now, let’s get started!

Welcome, Crickett. Before we start talking about your new book, would you tell us how you got started writing Bible studies?

I was leading a small group Bible study with some girls in Dallas, and we were using popular studies on the market. To facilitate richer discussion, I would add thought-provoking questions to the book questions each week. One summer, my girls challenged me, “Crickett, why don’t you write our next Bible study?” After praying about it, I accepted their challenge, and I’ve continued writing Bible studies ever since.

The Father certainly uses a variety of ways to move us, doesn’t He? So what compelled you to write a Bible study on the subject of rest?

I meet with women all the time as the Women’s Ministry Director at my church, and I started to notice a trend in what I was hearing. “Crickett, I’m exhausted. I’m worn out. I need some rest.” And I was feeling the same way. We’re all in need of rest. And I can’t imagine that this is God’s plan for us – to frantically rush through life at breakneck speed. So I began to search the Scriptures to see what God has to say about rest, and the result was this Bible study. In eight weeks, we look at God’s perspective of rest from Genesis to Revelation. And as we understand His perspective, it gives us freedom to embrace the gift of rest instead of feeling guilty about it. When we see how God emphasized, even commanded, rest, how can we not rest?

I totally agree! Why do you think people aren’t making rest a priority these days?

The reasons I most often hear are:The Gift of Rest cover Crickett Keeth

(1) I’m too busy. I don’t have time to rest. If I stop to rest, I can’t get everything done. Once I get everything done, then I’ll rest.

God gives us 24 hours a day, and He will never give us more to do than we can do in a day. The problem is not having too little time, but taking on more than God ever intended for us to take on.

(2) I feel guilty. I should be doing something productive. People will think I’m lazy if I take time to rest.

Jesus rested, and He didn’t feel guilty for taking time to do so, and neither should we.

(3) It’s not spiritual to rest. People who love the Lord stay busy. It’s selfish for me to take time to rest. I need to be serving others. I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman, and she didn’t rest. I’m not a godly woman if I rest.

There’s nothing unspiritual about taking time to rest. It’s actually unspiritual to work ourselves to the point of exhaustion without taking time to be replenished in order to carry out the ministry He’s given us to do.

I know you were going through a time of “no rest” when you wrote this study. How did you find rest in that season of life when circumstances wouldn’t allow you to rest?

Yes, the timing of this study was perfect for me in that tough season of life. My 98-year old mom was in the nursing home in Memphis, and I was there every day after work and on the weekends. Emotionally, it was draining to watch my mom lose her quality of life. I would come home from the nursing home every day, exhausted – physically and emotionally. But during those times of no physical rest, I found soul rest – a peace that God was in control. I found rest in that season by meeting with God, and letting Him refresh me through His Word. I knew He would give me strength for each day, one day at a time. But I needed time alone with Him to be reminded of His strength and sovereignty in this tough season.

Crickett Keeth Sumatra coverI have learned to value the gift of rest as a result of this study. And I pray that those who go through this Bible study will also come to embrace that gift.

And I join you in that prayer. What better gift could there be than to rest in the Gift of Jesus and His love? Thank you for sharing your book with us today, Crickett.

And friends, be sure to leave a comment for Crickett and you’ll be in the drawing for a free book! And return next week to see if you’re the winner.

Here’s more about Crickett:

Crickett Keeth is the Women’s Ministry Director at First Evangelical Church in Memphis, Tennessee, where she writes and teaches the women’s Bible studies. She is the author of several published Bible studies, including The Gift of Rest and Sumatra with the Seven Churches (co-authored with Sandra Glahn). Crickett was on staff with Cru for ten years and is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. In addition to teaching regularly at her own church, she also speaks at women’s conferences and retreats. She offers free resources for discipleship and encourages others in their own walk with God through her website at You can also connect with Crickett on Facebook and Twitter.

Blessings as we prepare to celebrate the beginning of a new year!




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  • Hi Crickett, nice to meet you. Rest was my theme word a couple of years ago. I struggle with feeling guilty about taking time to rest, but I found that there are a few simple things I can do to give myself a break. I still have lots of work to do in allowing myself to rest, though! 🙂

    • I remember when you talked about rest in the past, Cheryl. And now you have TWO sets of twin grandchildren. I’m sure being with them is a blessed time of little to no rest! Happy 2017!

      • You’ve got that right, Vonda! 🙂 Happy New Year to you, too!

    • Crickett Keeth

      Hi, Cheryl. I think learning to rest is a lifelong process for all of us! I know I still am learning how to stop and rest instead of pushing myself. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lori Hatcher

    Nice to meet you, Cricket. I nodded my head all the way through your interview, because the Lord has given me a Similar message that i share with women. The title is called “Sleep is a Waste of Time — NOT,” and it touches in how sleep-deprived most of us are these days. In writing the talk, I learned so much about God’s purposes for physical and spiritual rest. And yes, Jesus is a great example. Inpray many women will be encouraged by your Bible study.

    • Crickett Keeth

      Thank you, Lori! I’d love to hear your message on “Sleep is a Waste of Time — NOT!” A lot of my friends have shared how sleep-deprived they are. We just seem to push rest away, but it’s not an option; it’s a necessity. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, Lori, your program title interested me the first time I saw it/heard it. And you’re right, the best way to hear and learn is to write a book. The Lord makes sure He teaches us before we try to teach others!

  • For years, I fell into the #2 trap of feeling guilty. I still trip up once and awhile but I’m slowly learning that rest is a gift from God. Thank you Crickett and Vonda! This is the perfect reminder as we begin a new year. God bless you both!

    • Exactly what I thought, Cathy! And yes, our spiritual lives are much richer when we slow down and rest in Him.

    • Crickett Keeth

      Cathy, I have fallen into all three traps! And yes, during this busy season of the year, I still need the reminder to slow down and rest. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ohhhhh, I love this subject! The book sounds amazing. Thanks for introducing us to Crickett. So nice to meet you!

    • Crickett Keeth

      Hi, Julie! Thank you for your encouraging words. Rest is something we definitely all seem to be needing these days. I pray this study will encourage you to embrace the gift of rest.

    • Yes, we’ve talked of that need often, haven’t we, Julie? I do hope you and Crickett have the opportunity to meet one day. I know you would enjoy meeting each other!

  • Gwyn Hubbert

    Thank you, Vonda, for having Crickett with us today. This past year has been a lesson in resting with God and letting Him hold me. The Gift of Rest would be a great Bible study. I look forward to reading your book!

    • Crickett Keeth

      Gwyn, thank you for sharing! I’m still learning how to rest. Praying this study will be a great encouragement to you.

    • You have had a difficult year, Gwyn. I’m so sorry. But I agree that The Gift of Rest would be a great book for you! Blessings in 2017.

  • Vonda, thank you for sharing Crickett’s book with us today. I appreciate what
    Crickett said about having the freedom to embrace the gift of rest
    instead of feeling guilty about it. I need to embrace that gift.

    • Crickett Keeth

      Sandy, it took me awhile to learn to embrace the gift of rest instead of feeling guilty about it.. Praying you will quickly embrace this gift. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, that resonated with me as well. I have to make myself stop and rest. But I’ve grown to appreciate my day of rest on Sundays since I began this year. At first I was antsy because I thought I could never give up a whole day every week. But it has become one of my favorite blessings, taking Sunday to rest and rejuvenate!

  • Hello, Cricket Keeth! What a joy to meet you here with Vonda making the introductions. This is a much needed study.

    Thank you, Vonda. You always seem to know what we all need and when. Or could it be that you have inside information from our Father? Hugs.

    • Crickett Keeth

      Judith, thank you for sharing! I needed to learn how to rest, and I’m still learning. Praying this study helps others embrace this gift of rest. Thanks for your encouragement!

      • Thank you for joining us today, Crickett. As a matter the timing is perfect for me as I take some rest this week and listen for the Lord’s voice regarding the coming year. I certainly can’t hear Him if I won’t stop and listen. Blessings, sweet friend.

        • Crickett Keeth

          Vonda, thank you so much for allowing me to share about this study with others. Praying you will get some sweet rest in the coming days and that you will clearly hear God’s voice and guidance for the coming year. You’ve had a lot going on and I know you need rest. Praying for you, my friend! Thank you again for this opportunity.

      • We are all still learning, Crickett. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    • Sorry, but no inside information from the Father. But I do think that many of us feel a need to work hard, apparently thinking that we’ll be able to add to the Kingdom through it. If Jesus rested, why do we think we shouldn’t have to? Blessed rest…

      • May you enjoy that blessed rest this week.