Parting Words From the Word…Trust His Plan

Laughing Jesus by Robert Wilson, Sr.

Laughing Jesus by Robert Wilson, Sr.


How do you feel as we begin the first week of 2016? Did you accomplish what you had hoped last year? Maybe you’re like me and you can see progress, but also see the things that didn’t get done.

So what do we do now? As for me, I think I’ll simply toss anything that whispers of failure and rest in Him and His great mercy.

And then trust His plan for my life…again.

…let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1

I pray God’s blessing on the work of your hands and your hearts,


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  • Rene` Diane Aube

    Thank you, Vonda, for allowing God to use you to bless us with all your encouraging words. Praying your obedience to Him is met with His abundant blessings on your life, too.

  • Beautiful message.
    Teach on!

  • Nan Jones

    I’m praying for you Vonda, as I know you are praying for each of us. Distractions are a booger, aren’t they? And the deceptions of our heart. By that I mean that the enemy would want us to believe that we have failed at what God has called us too, but if the Lord is Lord of our life, as I know He is yours, then I’m learning to trust in His purposes. We make plans; He has a purpose. Or as the Jews say, “Man makes plans and God just laughs!” When I think of you I think of how you have selflessly given to others over and over again. Lives have been impacted by your love more than you will ever know until you get to glory. You may not have gotten everything checked off YOUR list this year, but I feel certain that you accomplished all that the Lord asked of you. You are precious to us and to Him. I love you Vonda.

  • Love it! Tossing a few things right now and moving right along. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your encouraging words, Julie. I’m ready for a new start! Blessings on your 2016!

  • Judith Robl

    Thank you for this beautiful post. Praying for you this year for serenity, peace and effortless accomplishment. You’ve had sufficient stress for several lifetimes. Grace and peace, Judith

    • Thank you, Judith. I know you, too, have had your share of stress. That’s just part of life, isn’t it? But I keep reminding myself that God’s got this…if only I’ll remember to let it go and let Him take over. πŸ™‚ Blessings on your 2016!