Interview & Book Give-Away with Linda Goldfarb, Kudos, & Who Won $100 in the MoGo7000 Challenge?

Linda Barn headshotWow, do we have a jam-packed day today! First up: Linda Goldfarb…

Friends, you can’t imagine how excited I am to introduce Linda Goldfarb to you! As you’ll see in the interview, we go wayyyy back to our much earlier days of writing and speaking. We’ve both experienced the joys and sorrows of living the writer/speaker life…and we wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Be sure to leave a comment for Linda and you’ll be in the drawing for a free copy of her new Bible study, Loving the ME God Sees. Don’t forget to check back next week to see if you’re the winner!

Okay, let’s get started! Linda, welcome to the Christian Writer’s Den. You and I go way back to the Glorieta Christian Writer’s Conference days, also as trainers with CLASSEMINARS Inc., and I was a guest on your radio show, Not Just Talkin’ the Talk, many years ago. We’ve shared a lot of road on our journey and now you’ve released your first Bible study. These are exciting times!

Ha ha, yes we have so many stories we could talk about for sure, Vonda! Thank you for the opportunity to be here with your readers, it’s an honor for me to be on the other end of the interview especially with you as the host!Loving the Me God Sees cover Linda Goldfarb

What inspired you to write a Bible study for women on Relational Transparency in Loving the ME God Sees?

Seriously, I never had the intention of writing a book, let alone a Bible study. I’m one of those speakers who writes magazine articles, online columns, personal/professional blogs, and yes, I have co-authored an eBook with Kim Garrison called, The Art of The Interview: Before, During, and After the Interview Strategies for Writers, Speakers, and Leaders, but a Bible study was never on my radar.

If it’s okay with you Vonda, I’d like to touch on two concepts leading to my book; our fear of exposure…or being transparent, and God’s will for our best.

Transparency is something we usually run away from, and being truthful, I ran from it with style. As a professional speaker/actress, I had the knack to disguise hurt, pain, shame, and low self-esteem with humor, a quick wit, redirection and if need be, withdrawing from situations that made me vulnerable to exposure. You’re a great actress yourself, so I’m sure you know where I’m coming from.

Linda Goldfarb communicationI knew there were things in my life, my past, that I had to face or let go of, but covering it up and using humor seemed more Christian-like—I became very comfortable with the phrase, “I’m fine. Everything is good. No worries.” Over the years of speaking and coaching I realized women around the globe suffered as I did…especially women in the church.

Several years ago, God’s will brought me face-to-face with our mutual friend, Georgia Shaffer. Without going into a lot of detail concerning our discussion at a CLASS Seminar event, Georgia’s words, “Linda, until you allow others to see your pain, you are limiting God’s impact on their lives and yours” struck me hard.

My gut reaction to her words put me in a defense mode, “Seriously Georgia, people don’t want to hear about my hurts, my pain, my challenges. They want to laugh and be entertained. People really don’t care.”

I walked away from our meeting with an unpleasant taste in my mouth and an unsettling feeling in my heart. Georgia was right. You see, in truth, I was very afraid to be real. Afraid of what others might think. I’m a professional; I should have it all together, right?

I’ve found God’s will is most evident in the scary moments of our lives. When we’re asked to step out on that unseen bridge of faith trusting Him more than we fear the world.Linda Goldfarb affirmation

Would you share with my friends the story of how the book came to be published?

In September of 2009 during my morning quiet time, God prompted me to write a Bible study. What transpired over the next two months is too long to share during this interview, let’s just say I had a two-by-four spiritual awakening to God’s best for me.

I began writing and teaching, at that time the study was called Walking Faith-Full, based on the Book of James. God literally provided seven women who met with me faithfully over the course of 13-weeks to complete the study. After that we opened the study to my church. At one point the women attending asked for the study title to be changed, as walking faith-full didn’t quite hit the mark. The result was Loving the ME God Sees.

In 2014, I approached our friend Cheri Cowell of Living Parables Inc/EABooks. about publishing the study as a POD and eBook. Her team worked with me all through the process and I love the results.

My encouragement to your readers: don’t allow your fears to overshadow God’s best in your life. If His will is for you to write a book, an article, a Bible study or whatever, be alert to life and He will affirm your calling. Then walk boldly through the door He opens trusting He has His best waiting around the corner… never give up.

Warrior Sisters Linda GoldfarbI just love that story! And I love Cheri Cowell, too. 🙂 A two-by-four moment, isn’t that just like God? Now, before we go, would you tell us what’s next for you?

I’m still speaking at retreats and emceeing events as the Lord allows. As a board certified Christian life coach, I’m blessed to work with women, couples, and parents helping them grow from good living to God’s best life. My hubby, Sam and I co-teach Parenting Awesome Kids in our church each week and I’m also writing a couple more books. One for my sisters-in-Christ called, His Warrior Sisters: Standing Strong for Faith, Family & Freedom, and the second is the I CARE Guide for Parents: Bite-sized Child-caring Principles for Busy Parents.

Thanks for being with us today, Linda. And readers, don’t forget to leave a comment and you’ll be in the drawing for a free copy of her book, Loving the ME God Sees. Just check back next week to see if you’re the winner!

BIO: As a national speaker and board certified life coach, Linda Goldfarb empowers women, parents & grandparents to move forward with hope & possibility when life changes. Linda is the author of Loving the ME God Sees: Peeling Back the Layers to Experience a Heart of Transparency. She has over 200 published articles covering physical, relational, and spiritual wellness. Linda is the mother of four adult children, Maw-Maw to six-grandies, and wife to her incredible partner in ministry, Sam. She is the Women’s Ministry Director at First Baptist Church of Universal City, Texas, and founder/instructor of Parenting Awesome Kids. Linda loves her life in the Texas hill country where she and Sam reside with four country dogs!

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It’s time to celebrate YOU with our Christian Writer’s Den Kudos!

Congratulations to the following CWD friends who’ve been doing the work and finding success:

1. Cheryl Barker (KS): My article “From Generation to Generation” appeared in the December issue of War Cry. Also, my article “Verbs of the Proverbs 31 Woman” was accepted for publication by Evangel, and my article “Propelled by Mother Love” was accepted for publication in the upcoming spring issue of The Lutheran Digest.

2. Brenda McGraw (SC): Brenda began her blog,, in 2013, but in recent months has added some excellent writers to her line-up.

3. Dr. Michelle Bengtson (TX): Michelle is offering a free webinar, “10 Tips to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues” on Tuesday, January 27 at 7:30pmCT. Click here to register for “10 Tips to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues.”

4. Sheri Levy (SC): Sheri’s YA novel, Seven Days to Goodbye, was released in the fall. (I’m so sorry I apparently missed including this earlier. Please forgive me!) You can read more about the book at Sheri’s website and here’s a link to her book trailer

Congratulations, Cheryl, Brenda, Michelle, and Sheri! And friends, if you need help finding success in publishing, be sure to return next week when I’ll be sharing writing opportunities and conferences with you!


And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for . . . Who won the 2014 MoGo7000 Challenge?

Well, before I announce the winner, let me share some exciting statistics with you:


  1. Would you believe over half a million new words were written on book projects and reported by Christian Writer’s Den friends in 2014? The grand total was 517,772 words!
  2. Nine writers participated in the 2014 challenge.
  3. I know several books came out of these months of writing, but I don’t know how many.
  4. And I know one writer is going to be $100 richer. 🙂

Congratulations to all the writers who worked hard and made progress in their book projects this year!

So, are you ready to see who won $100 to spend as desired? Drum roll, please… says the winner of the 2014 MoGo7000 Challenge is…

Joan Hall!

Woo-hoo, Joan! Congratulations! Now, I just need you to contact me with your snail mail address and I’ll get that check right out to you!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~mogo7000 logo

Don’t forget–the 2015 MoGo7000 Challenge is now underway! You could write a book this year and possibly win $100, too!

That’s right, the MoGo7000 Challenge is open to everyone, and it’s free! Check out the page for complete details, but the bottom line is I want to help you write your book this year, and one of the best ways I know to do it is to entice you with cash. 🙂

It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s all for you. Check out the MoGo7000 Challenge details and then get to work. Every month you can win an entry. The more months you meet the challenge, the more entries you receive.

So what are you waiting for?


Well, that’s it for another Celebration Tuesday. I hope you’ve been encouraged today to write the words you were created to write!


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  • audreylengyel

    Linda, I enjoyed your discussion with Vonda. Thanks for sharing and writing about such a fascinating topic.

    • Thank YOU, Audrey! So glad you could join us. 🙂

      • audreylengyel

        Hi Vonda…did you get the personal message I sent you? I’ve been diagnosed with ALS and would greatly appreciate your prayers! Thanks

        • No, I didn’t know that! I even checked my spam folder and used the SEARCH to find all your emails to me, and it wasn’t there. I’m sooo sorry, Audrey! Please know I’m lifting up a prayer now for you, for comfort, peace, rest, healing, and that you’ll hear His voice and feel His arms above all else. Please keep me posted on how you’re doing.

          • audreylengyel

            Thank you Vonda…all prayers are eagerly and gratefully accepted!

    • Linda Goldfarb

      Thank you so much Audrey. I’d love to get your feedback if you get the book!

  • Congrats to Joan and everyone on the kudos list! Linda, it was nice meeting you here. 🙂

    • Thanks for joining in and encouraging everyone. You’re so thoughtful. 🙂

    • Linda Goldfarb

      Thank you Cathy… Vonda is a gracious host!

  • This sounds like a wonderful study. I enjoyed the interview.

    Vonda, thank you! Couldn’t believe my name was drawn for the MoGo7000. I just sent you my address.

    • Linda Goldfarb

      Congrats Joan!!!

    • I’m so happy for you, Joan! I hope you have fun spending it. And I can’t wait to see your book in the bookstore! You know, the one you worked on in the 2014 MoGo7000 Challenge! 🙂

      • It’s still a work in progress, Vonda, but I hope to finish the first draft this month!

  • Pat W

    Transparency is frightening because if you show yourself as you are and are rejected, it’s the real you they rejected. Sometimes it seems better to let them reject a caricature.

    • Linda Goldfarb

      Hi Pat, Girl, you are not alone in how you see transparency. As a matter of fact, you’re speaking to my heart before writing Loving the ME God Sees, I feel your temptation to keep your “REAL” hidden. What I’ve found though totally took me off guard.
      By choosing to be transparent, in a safe place, I experienced other women coming alongside me from all walks of life. I realized, those who chose to “reject-the-REAL” –are walking in fear themselves and it isn’t me they’re pushing away. They can’t imagine walking in freedom, so they don’t believe it. These are the same women who walk the halls at church saying everything is just fine… it’s not, but fear of exposure binds the best of us.
      I pray for Father to hold you close, especially when you choose transparency in a safe place.
      Hugs in Him… Linda

      • I like your response, Linda…”choosing to be transparent in a safe place.” And that’s the key, I think. After all, much of life is learning NOT to be completely transparent, otherwise, we’d be saying lots of things that aren’t civil or kind!

        But finding a group of sisters who truly care, where we can be real, is an important part of our support and strength. But even as a speaker and writer who promotes transparency and has seen God’s blessing through it, I can’t be completely transparent with every detail of life.

        Transparency to me is primarily admitting that no matter how much I love Jesus, I still struggle with sin, don’t always act as I should, and I disappoint our Father. Just like Paul in Romans 7, I proclaim: I don’t know why I do the things I do! I don’t do what I should do and do things I know I shouldn’t do. Oh, what a wretched woman I am.

        It’s admitting that even though I love the Lord and want to please Him, I don’t have it all together. But the good news is, He loves me anyway!

        • Pat W

          Great responses from both of you. Thanks.

          • And thank YOU for contributing, Pat. I appreciate your transparent admission that transparency is sometimes scary. 🙂

        • Linda Goldfarb

          Amen Vonda, amen!

  • I enjoyed getting to know Linda in this delightful interview. An inspiring reminder to be real. I look forward to seeing you, Vonda, and Cheri Cowell at the Write2Ignite Conference. I learned more about her through this interview as well.

    • Linda Goldfarb

      Hi Sally, How fun for you to spend some time with Vonda and Cheri at Write2Ignite, you will be blessed!

      Getting REAL is the key to moving from having a good life to experiencing God’s best life. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview!
      Blessings… Linda

    • I know, Sally! It’s gonna be so great to get to see her–and you–again. I’ve missed my friends!

      And thank you for your kind words of encouragement for Linda. Yes, she is delightful!

  • Nan Jones

    Without a doubt, our transparency is the liquid gold God uses to repair the broken places in others. Satan would have us believe that no one will respect us if we show our vulnerabilities, but truth is, transparency about our own struggles joins hearts together, tears down walls, and opens the eyes to see the face of God.

    Congrats to the accomplishments and to Joan. Yay God!!

    • Linda Goldfarb

      Your so right Nan! The enemy would love for us to remain suffering in silence, but once we choose transparency, in a safe place, it releases the foothold he has in our life. God’s intimate love for us, as His little girls, has powerful healing properties — broken place are bound by grace and we begin to thrive.
      Blessings, Linda

    • Yes, Nan! Many Christian women are afraid to speak up about their struggles because they think “Everyone has it together except me.” When we discover that we’re not the only ones, we realize that God can love us, too. I love your “liquid gold” analogy!

  • Tammy Whitehurst

    Linda, As a speaker, I can relate with every word you wrote. We get very comfortable not talking about “our” tough stuff even though we talk about other’s tough issues. We all have them and no one is immune. It sounds like God is using you to change lives and to break through walls and barriers. I stand and applaud you. (Tipping my coffee cup at you now.)

    • Linda Goldfarb

      Hi Tammy, thank you for your kind words, it’s awesome when someone “gets us!” I’m excited about the feedback we’re receiving about Loving the ME God Sees. I give Him all the glory and stand in awe of the barriers that women are releasing to this much needed peeling back process. 🙂
      I’m there with you, tipping my coffee mug right back at cha and all you do as a speaker for the Kingdom!
      Blessings… Linda

    • Amen, sister! It’s all about breaking down those walls. Thank you for your kind words for Linda. 🙂 Hugs…

  • Congratulations, Joan! Way to go!

    • Hi Susan, thanks for your hard work this year with the MoGo7000 Challenge. It was a joy to watch your numbers when you were in the push of the writing!