Parting Words From The WORD…Robin Williams and All Us Creatives, by Dave Weiss

Dave Weiss stage shotAs you know, Fridays are usually a day to look at a specific Bible passage or Bible truth God has shown me through His Word. But today I want to share a post from my friend, author, speaker, artist, and AMOKArts founder, Dave Weiss.

As Christian creatives, Dave and I–and hopefully you, too–are always looking for ways to use our creative gifts for the Lord. But creatives are often different from much of the “normal” world. Dave wrote about the loss of Robin Williams this week and he was kind enough to let me share it with my Christian creative friends.


Robin Williams and All Us Creatives…By Dave Weiss

I almost can’t believe I am writing this post. Yesterday Robin Williams died, apparently by his own hand. It’s tragic. One who brought so much joy to so many, could no longer find it in himself. He was a great entertainer and one of the funniest people alive and he will be sorely missed.

So many people are at a loss today. The resonating question is why? He had a great career, wealth, all of what the world had to offer, success most of us dream of and literally millions of fans. It’s the stuff of creative dreams and don’t miss this, it wasn’t enough. Most people will never get it but I do and my guess is, I am not the only one.

We creatives tend to feel more deeply. We tend to be more passionate. We tend toward perfectionism and, as visionary people, there is always more to be done to remake the world so it matches the vision that lives in our hearts. This is our blessing. This is our curse. If we’re not careful, no matter what we have, no matter what heights we reach, it’ll never be enough.

I didn’t know Mr. Williams, so may be I am completely off-base here, but I do know me and I have stoodRobin Williams Mork and Mindy at the same precipice looking into the unknown and wondering if it was worth it to live another day, and while I didn’t have all that he had, I had plenty to live for, but I couldn’t see it. Thankfully for me this has changed.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. There is hope. Those visionary dreams we see, the ones we can’t seem to get to… well there’s no guarantee that we get all the way there. Hope isn’t found in reaching the destination, it’s in moving forward toward it. Gaining ground becomes the goal, moving the ball forward. Even if I can’t get in the end zone, I can move the ball forward, so someone else can. He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
  2. You are worth it. Every time you get the idea that you’re worthless, remember who you are. The Son of God laid down his life and rose again so that you and I could live eternally when our missions are complete. Your value is high, both to God and to many others.
  3. Life is worth it. We don’t get to pick our level of success, but neither do we really know what success is. At any moment, even in some of the tamest, seemingly weakest moments, we can do something that changes the course of history (in big or small ways) forever. You never know what will be the thing that makes all the difference, so press on. Jesus said, “In this world you will, have trouble but take heart I have overcome the world.” Hang in there, because with Jesus, eventually, we win.
  4. You are loved. By God certainly, and that should be enough, but also by many people whether you believe it or not. There are a lot of people in this world who want you to stay in it. You enrich their lives.

There are of course many other lessons, but these four are special because they are the exact opposite of what the enemy of our souls tells us when he wants to destroy us. “It’s hopeless, you’re worthless, life just isn’t worth living, nobody loves you.” These are lies of the enemy from the pit of hell, told for your destruction. Don’t you believe them. There is hope, you have great value, life is worth it and you are loved. Believe it and if you need help to believe it, get help.

As I looked at all the social media tributes to this entertainment legend, I had a strange thought: I wonder if seeing this outpouring of love and adoration would have changed his mind. Unfortunately, we’ll never know. Suicide is a permanent “solution” to a temporary problem.

…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6 NIV

It gets better… get help… and push through.

I pray God’s blessing on the work of your hands and your hearts,


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  • Linda Greer

    I am always wondering if someone who commits self-murder has already made a profession of faith. I know my husband did, and in his moment of mental illness he struck the wrong enemy, himself. I believe he is in Heaven waiting for me. I will not remember any of the pain and suffering his sudden death caused to me and our two little girls. I will be overjoyed simply to see him again for all eternity. I hope this was the situation for Robin, too.

  • Edith Kurie

    Thank you so much for this post, Vonda. An excellent articulation of what generally leaves most of us completely at a loss when such a loss as this happens. And that darkness is never greater than the light within us, if we only remember.

  • Glenda Mills

    Great truths! The longer I live the more i realize my value and worth to the Lord are bring great significance. Not what I do for Him, but the joy of knowing and being known by Him. He’s the One who walks with me through all the ups and downs of life. At the end of my journey here and my entrance to heaven, i want to hear Him say…Well done, my child. Thanks for sharing Vonda and Dave!

    • Yes, for so long, I was caught up in the lie of worth based on my efforts. Praise God, my eternity doesn’t depend on that! Thank you, Glenda.

  • Thank you. So much Hope in this beautiful post.

    • I agree, Julie. That was exactly why I wanted to share it. 🙂 Thanks for encouraging Dave as he encourages us!

  • Judith Robl

    So right on! It is always tragic when the lies of the enemy shout down the truth of our God.

    I know the urge. At one point things in my life were very bad. I had a job to which I commuted. The weather was treacherous and the roads were icy. And there was a bridge I could have gone off the side and it simply would have looked like an accident. And then the thought came to me “what if I was a failure at that, too, and simply became a cripple on top of all the other challenges.”

    And so one trudges on, despite the temptations of the enemy of our souls. Going on is the small victory that leads us to the ultimate one.