When Are You Going to Finish That Book?

If you’ve been working on a book for any length of time, you’ve probably heard something like, “Are you STILL working on that book? Good grief! When are you going to finish it?”

Yes, normal people think writers do just that . . . they just sit down and write a book.



But writers know better. Writers know writing a book takes time. There’s daydreaming and sitting and thinking. There’s rewriting and editing and critiquing and . . . and that’s just for the first page!

If you talk to published writers, you’ll discover that it took most of them years, some many years, to see their book on the bookstore shelf.

So while I’m at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference this week, I want to share visual proof of the pain well-intentioned family and friends can cause when they question our commitment and ability to our writing.

Disclaimer: I’ve never watched a Family Guy episode. Ever. I don’t know the characters or the story line or the premise. But from the reviews by Christian organizations, I can assure you I am NOT endorsing Family Guy.

But you gotta admit, this video is often true. And if it wasn’t so true, it’d be really funny!


Whether you’re working hard at home or working hard at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, I hope someone will come by today and encourage you in your writing journey.

(BTW, it took me 7 years and 63 rejections before I EVER had anything published. It took 10 years for my first book to come out.) πŸ™‚

Never give up!


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  • Marie Senter

    Family Guy I don’t ‘do’ and the conversation is missing. Mainly, wanted you to know the tuff-luv-encouragement you provided in Glorieta ___ years ago will show up as a completed/published book. TRESTLE OVER NO NAME CREEK will hit the fan (good
    pun) Aug.13. Thank you friend. Marie Senter

  • After a week at Blue Ridge and a few days at a family reunion, I’m ready to hit the keyboard again. Boy, can I ever identify with that video! I write Bible studies but I get the same “when are you going to be done?” question. I’ve worked on this one for four years. I just tell them that’s light-speed in the writing business.

    • Yes, I believe only real writers understand what it takes. Thanks for joining in, Sherry. Great to see you at BR!

  • Marie Senter

    vonda you do manage to encourage, make me laugh, and administer tuff-luv all in
    one message. It is a God-blessed ability Thank you and one of these conferences you will look up and I will be there…..any year now. Prayers for your next book and my first book…..soon. Prayers and a hug from Texas Marie Senter

    • Hi Marie! It’s always a joy to hear from you! Can’t wait to see your new book. πŸ™‚

  • Glenda Mills

    Thanks Vonda for always speaking the truth….in love…I needed to read this today!

  • Kathy Hinchee Purdy

    Vonda, when I saw the title of your post today I thought it was just for me. Gulp. Still working on the sequel to The Vision of a Mother’s Heart which was published in 2011. Still writing, rewriting, rewriting and making notes for the third book. I really need to finish the one I’m working on now. (Not to mention the three Missy Cat books I need to format for my illustrator!) Thank you for the encouragement.
    Kathy Purdy

    • Hi Kathy, Glad to hear you’re still working hard. And no, it wasn’t for you, believe me! Keep at it and you’ll make progress…and it doesn’t matter that it takes a while.

  • Barb Winters

    LOL – I guess we all think alike . . . I was sure he was about to be smacked.

  • I’m like Julie — I was ready to smack him πŸ™‚ Enjoy Blue Ridge, Vonda. Wish I was there!

    • I wish you could have been there, too, Cheryl. It was awesome, as always.

  • Laughing–I was ready to bop him!!
    The best writing only reads like it was easy to write. :/
    Have a wonderful conference. I love Blue Ridge!

    • Yes, the best writing only reads like it was easy to write. Great point!

  • Thanks for the encouragement, Vonda. I hope to attend that conference some day.

    • We’d love to have you, Joan. I know you’d love it as much as I do!