Writer’s Headlines: Writing Opportunities, Flash Fiction Contest Winners, BOGO & MoGo7000!

Welcome to Thursday’s Writer’s Headlines!

I’m excited about all the great stuff packed into this week’s news! First let’s start with writing opportunities, collected just for you! Thanks again to Marilyn Shipe for her excellent work in gathering these!

~Writing Opportunities for YOU!~

1.  U.S. Airways Magazine
US Airways Magazine is looking for writers who can deliver smart, pithy copy. We like breezy. We like humor. We like a friendly, light tone. We do not care for ponderous writing, nor do we care for the smarmy, the condescending, or the hipper-than-thou. Pays $1.00 per word. USAirwayswriterguidelines.

2.  About.com
Every month, About.com Guides and contributors create content that helps 75 million visitors in their moment of need. They offer solutions and create community experiences on everything from health care and parenting issues to travel, cooking, technology, hobbies and more. You could be one of them! Info for About.com here.

3.  Elance
If you can write simple, easy-to-read, good quality English language articles between 150 and 800 words (but most often 300-500 words), based on a given Topic and Keywords, then this is the job for you.

We are a new content solutions company that provides content, in the form of articles, to customers. The customer specifies a topic and gives a few keywords (phrases that must be mentioned in the article) and then submits this information to us. Our writers then write the articles and send them back to the customer. Check out Elance details here.

4.  Relate Magazine
To inspire teen girls to pursue their dreams with confidence and to teach them to be an example for others in their speech, life, love, faith and purity. Topics include design, entertainment, the future in terms of college and jobs, beauty, faith, life, quizzes. Average article is between 300-450 words in length. Sidebar information is also encouraged, as well as graphics, including illustrations, and photographs. Online. See Relevant Magazine writer’s guidelines at bottom of the page here.

5.  Decision Magazine
To set forth the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ with such clarity that readers will be drawn to make a commitment to Christ; to encourage, teach and strengthen Christians to walk daily with Christ and to reach out to others for Christ. Publishes articles about finding Jesus, sharing faith and personal experience. Pays up to $400 for up to 1,500 words. Pays $200 for Finding Jesus columns pieces of up to 600 words.
Decision Magazine writers guidelines here.

6.  2012 Creative Nonfiction Essay Contest–South Loop Review
$20 ENTRY FEE – includes two-year subscription. Open to all nonfiction writers. Looking for essays and memoirs in lyric and experimental forms. We give greater emphasis to non-linear narratives and blended genre. $1,000 and publication in volume 14. Deadline March 30, 2012. Entries must be previously unpublished and no longer than 20 pages.
Creative Nonfiction Essay Contest rules here.

7.  Called Magazine
Equips women in ministry with the inspiration they need to be all God has called them to be while never losing sight of their needs, beauty and worth as women–inside and out. Pays up to 20 cents/word. Called Magazine writer’s guidelines here.

8.  100 Words or Fewer Writing Contest–Fiction
$10 ENTRY FEE – Entry fee is lowered from $15 to $10 until December 18, to entice writers and ward off our drowning in entries during the last weeks. See the website for examples of winning stories, checkmark evaluations, and critiques. Categories are “Eating” and “Uncommon Character.” Your story must relate to one category or the other, but the connection to the category can be loose. Deadline February 18, 2012. Two First Prizes of $400–one for each category; two Second Prizes of $50 each. Please pay attention to specifications on the ‘WHAT WE WANT…” page, and also to the winning story at the end of that page.

9.  The Writer Magazine
Dedicated to helping professional and aspiring writers with a straightforward presentation of information, instruction and motivation. In the pages of our 124-year-old magazine, writers come together to share their experiences, expertise, struggles, successes and suggestions. Feature articles generally run 600 to 3,500 words. Columns and departments usually run around 600 to 1,600 words. In general, our rates for articles range from $100 for book reviews to $100 to $300 for columns and $300 to $500 for features, depending on length, complexity and the research required. Items for the Take Note section pay $25 to $75. We are also looking for writing-related cartoons ($50). Check out The Writer Magazine guidelines here.

10. I’m looking for funny quips, quotes, and jokes about getting older.
A few weeks ago, I put a call out for short, funny stories about getting older. I didn’t want to say much, because I didn’t know if it would work or not, but several people responded and I’m thinking we may have something new on the horizon for us Baby Boomers!

My plan is to start a short, daily, funny blog for Boomers, and submissions would be open to everyone. Each post would be a funny 1-3 line saying or joke, with credit given to the author, if known. You can submit your own things, or quotes from others.

If you’re not the creator of the saying, please research and try to find the name of the author. If it’s a common saying and you’re unable to find a specific author, it’ll state Author Unknown. Be sure to check out funny quotes from famous people, too.

Either way, you would be credited with submitting it (and as the author, if applicable) and a link to your site would be included. I certainly can’t do this without lots of contributions. But at least they’re quick and easy!

So if you want to join the fun–it won’t take long!–just Contact Me with the quotes, authors (if known), and a link to your site. But I promise I won’t start anything until I get back with you. 🙂 Thanks a bunch!

Okay, there they are–lots of writing opportunities for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start writing!


~Drumroll, Please…..~

I’m thrilled to announce the winners of the first Upstate Fellowship of Christian Writers Flash Fiction Contest!

First Place: Lori Roeleveld for Old Soldiers Never Die

Second Place: Marcia Moston for Soraya

Third Place: Tim Knopp for ‘Til Forever

Honorable Mention: Jen Bobo for Her Favorite Thing

Congratulations, writers!

Photo courtesy of digitalart


~BOGO Free Sale Ends Soon!~

Time is running out for your FREE items in the Store. From now until December 31, you can get a free item for every item you purchase!

**Need books for kids 8-13yo? We’ve got ’em!

**Need a book for the lady in your life? They’re in there!

**Need some downloadable writing workshops you can listen to on your own schedule? You can find them in the Store!

I’d love to help you save some money and mark some names off your Christmas list. 🙂


~And Don’t Forget to MoGo!~

It’s not too late to get another entry in the drawing for $100! You have until December 31 to write 7000 new words on a book project, and you could win! Check out the MoGo7000 Guidelines here.

Photo courtesy of anankkml

Well, I guess that’s about it for this week. I hope you find lots to help you on your writing journey this week.

Write on!


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  • Marilynturkwriter

    Wow Vonda! What a nice Christmas gift and great source of information you have given us today! Thank you for continuiing to encourage and inspire us to keep on keeping on! Merry Christmas!
    Marilyn Turk

    • Glad to be of help, Marilyn! Marilyn Shipe is a huge help!

  • Glad to be of help, Susan. Hope you find something right up your alley to submit to!

  • Vonda Skelton

    Glad to be of help, Susan. Hope you find something right up your alley to submit to!

  • Thanks for the writing opportunities – I look forward to this one all month!