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Confessions of a Perfectionist Guest Blogger by Lynn Blackburn

Have you ever volunteered for something and then realized later that you were in way over your head? That there was a good chance you were going to make a fool out of yourself?

Yeah, me neither.

Except, well, there was this one time. A writer I admire had some openings for guest bloggers. And I said, “Me, pick me!”


She did.

It might have been okay if I could have written my post immediately. But my assigned slot was over a year away. A lot can happen in a year.

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Announcing the New Christian Writer’s Den!

Drumroll, please…I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my brand new website! I hope you’ll check it out!

What a joy it has been to travel this writing journey together. Thank you for hanging out with me every week.

But the new website isn’t the only change you’ll see. With the launch of the new site, I’m also

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Author Interview and Book Give-Away with Kristi Butler

I know you’re going to enjoy meeting my friend, Kristi Butler. Kristi and I met years ago at Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference and it’s been a joy to watch her growing success as a writer and speaker. (Although I must admit, this is the first time I’ve ever had a headshot of a critter in a blog post!)

Kristi is the author of Gracie’s Groundhog Day Surprise and Grover Groundhog is NOT Hibernating This Christmas!, a picture book series for kids. Read on as she shares the story of her journey.

So let’s get started! (Don’t forget to leave a comment and you’ll be in the drawing for your choice of a free book!)

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I Created Social Security: How to Invigorate Your Tired, Old Prose

No, I’m not pulling an Al Gore claim to fame, but I humbly believe it’s time to give credit where credit is due.

Back in 1968 (just for the record, the dinosaurs were gone by then) I formulated a new term: Social Security. Mrs. Thomason, my high school psychology teacher was quite impressed, as were my esteemed classmates. It was a moment of creative glory.

Now before you jump on Google Search to confirm the history of Social Security terminology and development, hear me out.

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I Will Not Be Frozen with Fear!

I’m thrilled to introduce Suzanne Harris, one of the precious ladies at the 2nd Christian Communicators Conference. She wrote this powerful message after she arrived home from the conference. It’s a message for all of us as writers and speakers.

I Will Not Be Frozen with Fear!

By Suzanne Harris

I felt the phone vibrating in my pocket as we gathered on the stairs for the group photo. I peeked. It was Mom. “Hey Mom, I can’t talk. I haven’t left yet – I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’m doing the best I can. I’ll call you when I’m on the road. What? I can’t hear, I’m in a group of people – tell Daddy I’m sorry.”

The sobs came almost immediately. The spell had been broken. All week I had been living in a dream world, but the outside world came crashing back in. Too soon. Too soon. I wasn’t ready.

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